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A guide to the Hamilton Lottery: Take a Shot at Winning $10 Tickets in the Digital Lottery for Hamilton

by Law Library on 2019-04-11T10:31:00-05:00 | Comments

Hamilton has come to Dallas! What a great excuse to take a well-deserved break from all that school work and go and see a show. Unfortunately, since everyone wants to see the 11 Tony Award winning show, cheap tickets are nearly impossible to score. However, don’t give up hope just yet. Here’s how you can get them for just $10, a dream and a whole lot of patience.

The Ten-Dollar Founding Father

Forty tickets will be sold for each performance for $10 each.

Help me, I’m Poor

For many people, this digital lottery may be their only way to see Hamilton. The prices have dropped over the years - but even the cheap seats are well over $100. As a grad student, it's a luxury I don't feel comfortable splurging on.

You Miss 100% of the Shots You Don’t Take

Timing is key: Each lottery opens at 11 am two calendar days prior to the performance and closes at 9 am on the day before the show. Only one entry per performance is allowed.

Grab a Friend

You are given the choice to enter the lottery for either one or two seats. Always enter it for two. I personally entered into an ‘alliance’ with my sister to double my chances of seeing the show. If I win, I’ll take her and if she wins, she’ll take me.

The Announcement

Notifications are sent at approximately 11 am. Now let's say you have better luck than I’ve been having so far, what do you do? Take a moment to freak out. Yay! You won! Woohoo! Ok. Now that that is over, keep in mind that you only have until 4 pm to confirm and pay for your tickets.

Weapon of Choice

Thanks to the free Hamilton App, this whole process is a breeze. As a bonus, the app has Hamilton karaoke and Hamilton Trivia.

May the Odds Be Ever in Your Favor

I’m not going to sugarcoat this: The chances for winning the Hamilton lottery are not great. The estimated chances for winning are about 1 in 400 (if you enter in pairs). So, get used to receiving “Lottery Results: Try Again” emails in your inbox.

For the official rules and regulations check out https//hamiltonmusical.com/lottery/ and good luck to you all!

 -Melissa Brand, MS-LS Candidate 2019

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