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Instructional Technology Tips for Students: Examsoft

This page provides information on technology used at the UNT Dallas College of Law, including tutorials, troubleshooting information, and contact information for further assistance


ExamSoft is testing and assessment software. The College of Law will be using ExamSoft in “mapping” learning outcomes, assessing in relation to these outcomes, and giving students detailed feedback. Most graded assignments will be given through ExamSoft, including graded quizzes, mid-term, essay or writing assignments, and final exams.  

*Please note that this page will be updated periodically as new updates are sent out. 

Do you need to (re)install Examplify? Here are the steps:

  1. Download Examplify (Please note, access only the file download from here.  The directions will try to log you in to a site to which we do not have access). Alternatively, you can download Examplify by logging into our Examsoft site at https://www.examsoft.com/untdallas.
  2. Install Examplify - After running the file that you downloaded in step 1, the program will walk you through this.  You will need the following information:
    1. Institution ID: untdallas (all one word, not case-sensitive)
    2. Login: Your EUID and password (uses the exact same login as Canvas - do not use Forgot Password option)
  3. If you cannot progress past the terms of service, scroll all the way to the bottom of the contractual language to get the button to activate.
  4. Turn off your antivirus (see FAQ for assistance)
  5. Run a mock exam. You can take the mock exam up to 99 times. The password is UNTDtest1 (case-sensitive).

If you need assistance, please see LET or IT in Suite 510 on the 5th floor.


Below is a list of articles provided by Examsoft that will list instructions and FAQ's to any questions you may have. 

Known issues

  • Login error - I see my 8 digit student ID number instead of my EUID (e.g. abc1234).  To fix:
  1. Click "Back" button
  2. Click "Add new account" (on newer versions of Examplify, use the "Switch Account" option
  3. Enter our Institution ID - untdallas
  4. Enter your EUID and password
  5. You should regain access to your account.

Tips for Using Examplify

Below is a list of articles provided by Examsoft that will list different tips on how to best use the program. 

Institution ID

If you are installing Examsoft after Fundamentals, please use the following:

Institution ID: untdallas (all one word, not case sensitive)

This ID will only work for students who have been enrolled in our institutional account by LET.

Mock Exams

For testing purposes, there will always be a mock exam in Examplify in addition to other exams which may be taken. You will find this exam along with the rest of the exams on the main page. The password is UNTDtest1, and you may take this exam up to 99 times.

The exam is a good way to test out features you may not be used to, or in order to test your internet connection or computer before you take an exam so the upload does not fail at the most inopportune time.

Contact Information

Below is the contact information for Examsoft if assistance is needed:

Support Line: 866-429-8889
Email: support@examsoft.com
Live Chat: support.examsoft.com

* If you need help with installation or your computer is crashing, please contact IT (helpdesk@untdallas.edu)

* If you need help with using the system, obtaining a new download, or similar issues, please contact LET (Professor Wondracek and Mike Pearson)