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Instructional Technology Tips for Students: Printing

This page provides information on technology used at the UNT Dallas College of Law, including tutorials, troubleshooting information, and contact information for further assistance


In this page you will find various tips regarding our printing here on campus. These tips can include Wireless Printing and How to Purchase Printing. These will be updated periodically

Wireless Printing

How to Print Wirelessly

The following steps are done from your device: (You may need to connect to the VPN first. Please see the "If You Are Having Trouble Printing" box for instructions on how to connect)

  1. Visit UNT Dallas College of Law Web Print
  2. Login with your EUID as the username and your student password.
  3. On the left hand side of the screen, select “Web Print”.
  4. After clicking “Webprint”,  select the “Submit a Job” option.
  5. Next, select the printer: itss-paperc-pro\UNTDLaw-4503-Queue (virtual) for the UNT Dallas College of Law.
  6. Next, click “Print Options and Account Selection” located at the bottom right hand of the screen 
  7. Input how many copies you desire and click the “Upload Documents” selection at the bottom right hand of the screen.
  8. Select the button “Upload from Computer” to upload your files and click the “Upload and Print” selection at the bottom right hand of the screen.

The following steps are done from the printer:

  1. To release the print job that you submitted, begin by swiping your card at the printer. If this is your first time printing at the printer, you will have to enter your information into the printer. 
  2. For the first time: Swipe your badge on the printer and follow the prompts at the printer by entering your EUID and password. 
  3. Re-swipe your badge after entering the information to release the print jobs. 
  4. After swiping your badge, select your print job to be printed.
  5. Click “print” on the selected job to print, or cancel the job if you have changed your mind,

Special Notice for macOS Catalina

Due to an incompatibility between macOS Catalina and the Cisco AnyConnect software provided by UNT System, it is currently necessary to use the instructions in the accompanying PDF to connect to the VPN if you wish to print from your computer or use access-restricted databases. These instructions are only needed if you are using a Mac computer that has been updated to Catalina.

Printing Cost

  • Full color prints cost $.06 per side of a page ($0.06 total for single sided, $0.12 total for double sided).
  • Black and white prints cost $.02 per side of a page ($0.02 total for single sided, $0.04 total for double sided)

You receive $25 towards printing and copying each semester in your printing account.  These funds cannot be used for other library fines or fees.

To Purchase Extra Printing Capacity

  1. Visit: https://oit.untdallas.edu/itss-online-payment
  2. After clicking the link, follow the instructions to add the amount of printing capacity desired to the cart.
  3. You can pay by credit card or eCheck.  Please allow 24-48 hours for your payment to be received and processed.

Printer Locations

There are printers available for student use in the following locations:

  • Lee Jackson Building - Two printers in the library
  • Law Center - One in the Student Organizations Room
  • Law Center - One in the Writing Center


You may need to either connect with an Ethernet cable or login through our VPN.  To use the VPN, please follow these instructions:

  1. Go to https://vpn.unt.edu
  2. Login with your EUID and password, just like you do on Canvas
  3. Accept the Authorized Use Policy for UNT (click continue button)
  4. Click on AnyConnect in the left menu
  5. Click "Start AnyConnect"
  6. A Cisco box will pop up and run, When it gets to the Download menu, click to "AnyConnect VPN" link in the main screen
  7. A file will download.  Please follow the installation  instructions for your operating system
  8. After installation completes, please run Cisco AnyConnect
  9. A window will pop up asking you for an address.  Enter vpn.unt.edu.
  10. When it asks, please enter your EUID and Password and then accept the Authorized Use policy. 
  11. You should now be on the UNT VPN and should be able to print.

In the future, you will only need to repeat steps 8 - 11.